RC V8 Engines

RC V8 engines


If you haven’t seen one already.  This is 1/10 RC OHV V8 H engine.  There are 2 RC V8 engine styles that we made.  One is Front Distributor and another is Rear Distributor.  We were talking about a step forward into realistic and this is one of them.

This engine won’t power up your RC car directly but this will certainly add a cool look to it.  Here is one example from an awesome creator like Aaron from RCSparks Studio.



RCSparks Studio is one of many Youtubers that we are inspiring from.  Such a great channel and it create such a great community of fans and RC enthusiasts.  It is a place to encourage people to enjoy playing and creativity of RC world.


RC V8 engines

You buy one from our eBay Store here:


These engines also have some extra upgraded parts if you want a different look on your exhaust.

Dragster, Zombie, Long Tube Header, and Pulling Header.


There will definitely be more versions and different type of engine in the future.  If you interested in where this will lead to,  feel free to add our DarkDragonWing Facebook page or  YouTube Channel.  Stay tuned for more news and upgrade. Cheers!

RC V8 enginesRC V8 engines



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