RC Modify Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk Sakura D4 RWD

RC Modify Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk Sakura D4 RWD has been one of my favorites modify RC since the video release.  I still remember when Mackey tried to modify the car doors, so it can open.  It is still a challenge since cut out the plastic RC car body will weaken the structure of it. Before we dive any deeper, here is the sneak peek of when everything is done.



With LED lights and cool fog, it takes this RC car to a whole different level.  We definitely enjoy filming it.

If you curious about what goes into that RC car, be sure to check out the full video here: RC Modify Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk

The RC parts list of what we use and links where we get parts from are under that video description.


Engine Bay


RC Modify Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk

On the back of the car, we added 2JZ Engine Bay from eBay and then color it with Permanent Marker Set Sharpie 24 pcs from eBay as well. The small led light inside the body really lit out the engine bay nicely, especially in the dark during filming.


Magnet Body Posts


RC Modify Ferrari 458 Liberty WalkRC Modify Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk

If you are a fan of modifying RC car’s doors,  you might want to check out Round Magnet Body Posts on eBay.  It hides the body post that usually sticking out of the body.  We started to use magnet body posts like over 3 years ago and it incredibly improves the realistic.

Another great thing about using the magnet body posts is being able to adjust the height of the post by adding more magnets to it.  You can find Extra Round Magnets for Body Posts 12x2mm on eBay.

While these magnet body posts work great on RC drift car, it might not be an ideal for Off-road RC cars.  Especially, if you love to ride in a rough terrain with high speed or bashing those RC truck around.  The body would easily slide off from the magnet or even break it.


LED Lights


RC Modify Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk

The final tip is the use of LED light.  As you know that our RC modify is not fully finished without LED light system!  It adds another layer of coolness to the RC car.  I am sure that the Ferrari 458 Liberty Walk video gives you some idea of how LED light comes into play.

The key is to be very organized when you install the light system on to RC body.  In the future, I definitely want to see more tools or ways to keep the LED light cable organized and easy to install.

Lastly, by put, the LED light inside exhaust pipes will make the rear of the car looks more awesome as it drives away. Cheers!!!

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  1. How do I contact you to have a body costumized?

    • Hi,
      We don’t really do customize RC work. Mackey only able to do 1 RC modify video once a month because he is busy with other projects. We really appreciate for asking. You can check out some eBay sellers online, I saw some seller that make really cool RC body for sale.

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