1/10 OHV V8 H Engine Stand


V8 H Engine StandV8 H Engine Stand

V8 H Engine Stand is design to be a showcase stand for your engine collection.  The Stand’s dimension is 5.5″ x 4.25″ x 2.5″  total.  It has an On/Off switch on the back side.  You can get one on our eBay store.


V8 H Engine StandV8 H Engine StandV8 H Engine Stand

This RC engine stand is a standalone setup that can be used with a 7.4V-12V battery, the included converter will convert the voltage to 4.8V for the included servo tester to control the 1/10 RC OHV V8 H engine.  It has Dean Plug (also called T-plug) for battery connection. If you looking for the battery, the dimension should be around 82.2 x 33.7 x 18.1 mm or less.

The battery that we use and fit well:

If you have knowledge about RC car or own one already, you would know that good LiPo charger would keep the battery last a long time.

The Charger that you can take a look:

Please note that using LiPo, you should get one of this LiPo battery safe bag.   It is better to take a precaution and use the battery properly.  You should definitely do more research more before buying anything if you are really new to RC hobby.

From my experience, Lipo battery only goes bad when it is really old or you misuse it.  That why a Battery Safe bag is very useful and keep the battery safe during charge.

Here is our video testing this Stand:



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